Artists Program

Take yours to the next level.

We are always looking for artists to work with and help give them the connections they need to have a bright and wondrous career. Tell us your story so we can possibly help build your career and your audience. 


Perhaps you need a boost in creativity or concept that needs enhancing. Happy-Go-Lucky will lend  you a hand just let us know so we can design your dream masterpiece.


Do you have a product, event, project, or window display that needs an upgrade or design? Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit can design that perfect something for any occasion.


Have an idea, prop, or concept in mind, let us know we have the factories and shipping capabilities to create anything that you need. 



Building a connection with the audience as we take a broader view and pay attention to the entire customer experience from end to end. This focus includes researching the products, artwork creativity, production, and customer relationships over time. 

Our Work

From an idea to a popular artwork, From production to promotion.