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Kaleidoscope, a larger than life installation inspired by a toy many played with as kids. monumental experiences in a short amount of time. You don’t have to plan, take care of any logistics, or fight through the crowds that normally come with such well-known attractions during high season travel. 

HGL’s Kaleidoscope is a unique stimulating installation that took over a year to perfect and is something that only the Sunnyhues team can produce. Its angles and unique design can create the ambience of a season or environment with customizable designs that encapsulate those inside, though it was not an easy project, the Sunnyhues team of designers were able to create the first of its kind. The durable touch LED technology was designed and developed by our team of engineers for over one year and is one of the first of its kind in the world.

The Kaleidoscope is built to last and is a space where fantasy meets reality. It is both sturdy and shatterproof and is made from tempered glass with reinforced LED screens that can be directly stepped on. With its ever-shifting field of color and lighting effects that immerse the subject, it gives one an extraordinary sense of space and perspective. It has adapted from a childhood memory of its fantastical creations to a dream wonderworld of mystery and fantasy. The Kaleidoscope’s tunnel color changes and has morphing shapes, shifting lights, and spinning patterns. It is an immersive place of wonder. Prepare to be amazed and transported to another time and space. It can transport one into a selected environment or feeling depending on the design.

This installation can adapt to the time of year or for any event with additional visual displays.

“In this room, there are 360 degrees of digital screens that create a constantly shifting field of color and lighting effects around you. The colors change, shapes morph, and light shifts and spins inside the Kaleidoscope tunnel.” - Shaye Weaver, TimeOut