Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit
Los Angeles coming soon

A fun experience which brings you lots of joy.

— In the land of Happy-Go-Lucky


those magical and fantastical worlds you always dreamed to be in?You are at the right place. Welcome to Happy-Go-Lucky !  This is the place where your wild dreams can come true.

Leave behind your daily life

 Through the Palace of Enchanted Crystals.You will encounter a hypnotic looking glass.   Look at it, look into it.  Reality and fantasy blend.Lost in time and space.  Your voyage of Happy-Go-Lucky starts here.

You will find what you want in life

You will be adrift in the Ocean of Sunflowers.  You will be washed upon the Pink Beach. And more delights await you. Have fun, dear guests.  Explore, discover, and unleash your curiosity. If you are lucky,  You will find  what you want in life.

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Happy-Go-Lucky interactive Exhibit

aims to create a fun environment to be around and can brighten everyone’s day.  To be happy go lucky is to be cheerful about most all things.