Sunnyhues Entertainment Inc has worked with both in-house production companies and external design companies. Connections that brought an exclusive ‘1900 Vienna” animation to the Miami Art Center created by BroomX based out of Spain, designed to impress and showcase updates that allow incredible possibilities of interaction that are sustained by its powerful and enhanced hardware.

This immersive reality is enhanced with the projected drawings that add individuality to each experience. The drawings become part of the animation and can move across the wall. For a moment, one can forget their physical surroundings and become a part of a feeling that highlights a product or environment. An outline of a balloon, blimp, boat, and other features serves as the basis for whatever the user is feeling before one puts marker to paper. The design can reflect a mood, passion, feelings towards others, and other emotions. This freedom can be incorporated into any project or theme as the design can be easily implemented into a fabricated environment.

The HGL Art Center is an ambient and immersive element that uses 360-degree projection, a hypnotic design with interactive animation, meditative simulations, and is adaptable to multimedia formats. The Sunnyhues team has found a perfect fit between technology, art, and interactive creativity through the HGL Art Center. Its 360-degree projection offers meditative simulations, interactive animation, being adaptable to multimedia formats, and much more.

As soon as one steps into the Art Center, they can find themselves surrounded by 360-degree visuals that can transport them into an alternate setting. The HGL Pink Beach Ocean model creates an ocean surrounding those inside with animated beach and character visuals projected onto the walls.

Customized HGL Pink Beach Animation which includes interactive equipment, a subscription model, and animation creation.

Individual expression is vital within a creative environment and the blank canvas in which the Art Center allows for just that.