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HGL’s Diamond Palace is a geometrical anomaly layered installation with a clear glass walkway. The Diamond Palace was produced by a 20-person team over one year. This installation was highlighted in the 2018 and 2021 NYC exhibitions and the 2022 Miami exhibition, becoming a crowd favorite. Within the Diamond Palace, an animation is projected all around creating a dazzling Diamond effect. It can be a runway as one ventures into a hidden world beyond its doors. Sunnyhues Entertainment Inc is now able to offer two sizes of the Diamond Palace, for bringing a one-of-a-kind design to an exhibit or event.

Explore a complex three-dimensional installation with new sights to discover everywhere one turns.

The Diamond Palace is covered entirely with mirrors, this room is full of optical illusions and dazzling lighting effects. A runway feel provides a perfect platform for fancy photography and a feeling of confidence. Beautiful diamond shapes expand and reflect, allowing visitors to submerge themselves into a dreamy and aesthetically unforgettable experience while ridding themselves of negative feelings or emotions. Happiness can be a reflection of the environment surrounding an individual.

“Different from any ordinary exhibit, the Happy-Go-Lucky experience not only appeals to sight but tantalizes your additional senses like touch and sound.” - Justine Golata, Secret NYC

As one steps foot into the Diamond Palace, there is an immediate immersion in the art. The mood of this mysterious path changes based on design and color. Enter a new world with others or yourself in which your body where ordinary vanishes and a magical world begins. Life is always full of surprises and the Diamond Palace is no exception. Who knows what is waiting behind the doors before they are pushed open and reveal a sense of magic and surprise.