Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit Los Angeles

An Audiovisual Multi-Sensory Experience

The Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit (HGL) Los Angeles

A smash-hit New York immersive exhibit Happy-Go-Lucky  come to L.A. in November 2018. It is time for HGL team to go further and dream bigger, and this time, in Los Angeles! The theme of Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit  L.A is Dream on. 


Never stop the dream. Dream along and dream on.

Never know what stroke of luck might just lie around the corner. So live in the moment and keep up that happy spirit.

The exhibit is designed along the storyline of dream seeking. Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit L.A. will give visitors an authentic experience of living like a superstar. The Exhibit will take you around the most magical lands in the world in one day! You will be photo shooting in The Diamond Room, on fairyland-like Pink Beach, in Magical Desert, in remote snowy White Kingdom, where Sunnyhues will bring REAL SNOW to SoCal!!!, and so much more!

Los Angeles Exhibition

606 S Olive St.  Los Angeles, CA 90014

November 3 – December 30, 2018


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